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How Aspen began
Anna with Charlie and Diva 2015
Anna with Charlie and Diva in 2015

How did I become involved with Boxers?   Well... I'm 12 years old and my sister buys a dog!   Yes you guessed it, a Boxer, and an ugly one at that.   What do I do, fall in love with the breed, of course.

Unfortunately this pup has a mishap with the road, so what do you do then, you go and get two more to replace one.

These first Boxers came from the Beau Jenn Kennels belonging to Josie Everson.   Josie was reluctant to part with the dog puppy, obviously this one showed promise.   So we said "We will show it"!

These two dogs became Australian Champion Beau Jenn Night and Day, and his soul mate Australian Champion Beau Jenn Petite.   They fell in love and produced MY first champion Australian Champion Nitenday Adolph Kaiser.

How would you like to take a dog to it's first championship show, the 1973 Royal Melbourne Show, put the love of your life on a huge big yellow cushion with even a bigger yellow sign behind him, and take out Best of Breed?   Well that's exactly what I did!   And that was the start of a fantastic show career for this dog who was totally full on, and out to make sure every one took notice.   Kaiser was titled in 4 shows, and went on to win specialties, many in group and in show awards.

His career was cut short as he travelled with Craig and myself, till at the young age of 8 in Townsville a tumour took him away from us. He was a pleasure to own and show, and to me what a Boxer is all about, presence!

Through travel I was absent from the scene for a couple of years and on returning had lost my "Nitenday" kennel prefix so "Aspen" was born.

That was the start of my involvement with the breed 46 years ago, and my love for the breed has only grown since those early days.

Boxers for me are companions and family members first, and if they enjoy the show ring, well that's a bonus.

Over the years I have been privileged to have bred a few good ones, and have owned some of the best, as you will see as you go through my site!

Four Generations of Aspen Boxers
Four Generations of Aspen Boxers
in June 2001

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