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Aspen Whisper Who Dares

Aust Ch.Aspen
Rich and Wicked (AI)
Aspen Gold Plated
Aust/Mal.Ch. Sjecoin Solid Gold Aust.Ch.Sjecoin Winter Forcast
Aust.Ch.Sjecoin Hey Lookmeover
Aust.Ch.Adken In Vogue Lorralane Winkadale
Helanstel Aurora
The Wicked Woman
Thasrite Heartbreaker (AI) Am.Ch.Seasides Ewo Surf Breaker
Aust.Ch.Thasrite Carina Chic
Aspen Vanity Fair Aust.Ch.Aspen Gold Plated
Aspen Cosmopolitan Lady
Sjecoin Blue Ribbon Only Can Ch.Jaegerhouse's Watch a Winner (Imp Canada) Cachet's Valentino of Turo (USA) AM Ch. Cachet's Mad Max Of Turo SOM
Turo's Fashion Of Cachet
Can.Ch.Jaegerhouse's Ivy League Am.Ch. Harlyn's Top Priority
Can.Ch. Jaegerhouse's Ivy League
Grand Ch.Sjecoin By Negotiation Am.Ch.Merrilane's Golden Gloves (Imp USA) Am.Ch. Merrilane's Knockout
Vagabonds Black Onyx
Aust.Ch.Sjecoin Gold Digger Aust.Ch. Sjecoin Winter Forcast
Aust.Ch. Sjecoin Hey Lookmeover

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