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Proudly Present

Champion Aspen Gold Plated

Rich at 9 years


Sire: Aust/Mal.Ch.Sjecoin Solid Gold    Dam: Aust.Ch.Adken In Vogue
(July, 1987 - March, 1999)

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Rich was a consistant winner in the show ring from an early age.   His record speaks for itself:

*    Puppy in class winner at the Melbourne/Sydney/Adelaide Royal Shows.
*    2 Best in Show All Breeds
*    1 Reserve Best in Show All Breeds
*    1 Junior in Show All Breeds
*    2 Intermediate in Show All Breeds
*    1 Open in Show All Breeds
*    4 Best Exhibit in Group
*    2 Reserve in Group
*    2 Junior in Group
*    3 Intermediate in Group
*    1 Open in Group

Rich was my dog, from the moment he was born till the day he died in my arms.   You own only one like this in a lifetime, and we shared 12 years together.... and I mean together... if Rich could go with me, he went!

Aside from his success in the show ring, and he excelled because he was always trying to please "his mum", he also sired some cute kids, from limited use.

But to me he was first and foremost my buddy, and he loved life with a capital L.   He enjoyed swimming in the lake, always hopeful to gain on the ducks that would just keep out of reach.
He was a great observer whenever we went water-skiing and made an awesome captain of the boat, standing on the bow with the wind in his ears.

He was truly a boxer through and through!

Rich at 2 years
Taken after winning Best in Show
Melbourne at just over 2 years of age.

Rich at almost 12 years
At 12 years of age

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